Private Clients

As one of the biggest and most respected privately-owned insurance brokers in the country, we work with the country’s leading specialist insurers to make sure that your insurance cover, for things personal to you, is anything but ‘standard’.  

Our portfolio approach means we Combine multiple insurances into one policy, we Simplify the documentation we give to our clients making it far easier for them to understand and we Provide an outstanding service every step of the way. 

Covers that can be combined include:

  • Buildings
  • Contents & Valuables
  • Collections & Fine Art
  • Family Fleet
  • Classic Cars
  • Yacht & Small Craft
  • Touring & Static Caravans
  • Holiday Homes
  • Travel Insurance

Our approach should leave you with just ONE Policy, ONE Premium, ONE Claim Line and ONE renewal date, all designed for just ONE purpose.

Simplicity, confidence and peace of mind...

Premiums start from £500 - so get in touch with us at or call us on 0161 413 9078 / 0161 413 9077 and let us see how we can help simplify your own personal insurances.

We look forward to speaking with you.