Claims Management

Many businesses take a proactive approach to managing risk but no matter how effective these protocols are, claims will ultimately happen.   

In the event of an insured loss, our team of in-house claims handlers will liaise closely with you and your Account Director to ensure that your claim is dealt with quickly, efficiently and fairly.  In the event of a significant or catastrophic loss, we will be with you, on-site, to discuss how to get things moving.

Our Claims team at Wrightsure is based in-house to ensure our customers receive outstanding service at the time they most require it.

The core aims of our claims team are: 

To minimise disruption

  • We will liaise with your insurers, help you arrange repairs and ensure your vehicle is back on the road at the earliest opportunity
  • Emergency repairs to property and estimates for remedial work can be arranged on your behalf

To be supportive and efficient

  • We’ll give you advice, assistance and support until your claim is settled
  • We liaise with insurers to ensure that strict timescales are met
  • You’ll receive regular updates on the position of your claim, via your preferred method of communication
  • We ensure that we get your claims payment to you as quickly as possible

Minimise costs

  • We will ensure that the Third party insurers are contacted so the repairs to your vehicle (non-fault motor claims) can be done avoiding the need to involve your insurance policy
  • We actively challenge any reserves and estimates set by your insurer so that they are kept as low as possible, minimising the impact on renewal premiums
  • We negotiate the best possible outcome on your behalf

Be proactive

  • We provide regular claim reviews, analysing your claims, identifying trends and problem areas and help you implement strategies and risk management techniques to prevent similar losses occurring
  • If you were to suffer a substantial material damage/business interruption loss we would visit you immediately and provide further support by attending loss adjuster meetings

We really do understand that even the smallest claims can be a worry and a hassle and so our claims service is designed to get all our client's claims resolved as quickly and fairly as possible.

For more information please email us or call us on 0161 413 9000.